I would say my personal American Creeds are freedom, equality and the rights of American Indian Tribes to maintain their sovereignty. I will expand on each of these individually throughout the paper.

First and foremost is Freedom. I believe all of us should have the freedom to reach our maximum potential by having the freedom to make choices in all things that are pertinent to growth and self actualization. Freedom has such an important role in American life, it reflects the bravery of the colonists and those who marched westward in order to create new lives and communities. So I think freedom is super important to me because there were so many people who sacrificed no only their lives but their families just so we could live out the American dream.

Second would be equality. No one person should be considered more or less than another. We should be considered equal, irrespective of our race, sex or age. Equality plays such an important role to so many things that happened not only then but nowadays as well, equality is something people still have to fight for to this day. It ensures people to get treated equal and are given the respect they deserve. It guarantees the right to Americans that they have the same opportunity as everyone else with no argument.

Third would be the rights of Native American tribes to maintain their sovereignty. Which to me means, their own president, police, economy and social endeavors. Sovereignty is so important to Native Americans because it allows the tribes to preserve their culture and traditions. Without this in our society the indigenous population wouldn't be provided any sort of protection as well as their culture no longer being a cultural group rather than just an ordinary group of people. It also allows Native American groups to establish their own government and establish their own law enforcement. This is such a big part of my American Creed because I'm Native American and being guaranteed safety and giving the ability to choose their own government and law enforcement, is a comforting thing to know because it means that my people fought for their rights for a reason and it payed off.

These are some of my reasons why I believe that my American creed is freedom, equality, and the rights of the American Indian tribes to maintain their sovereignty.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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