The American "Creed"

As it is impossible to truly define any one symbol or concept that unites all Americans under a single "creed" the best we can do is to hope to find inspiration in comical/uplifting humanitarian ideas about our nation and our neighbors.

By Anthony R. from Bay High School in Ohio

The American “Creed”

When it comes to symbols or concepts that unite our nation and bring about a central “creed”, There is no one image nor any concept that could possibly hope to be universal for all of the peoples and cultures present in the United States. Due to this fact, the best we can do is hope to find a somewhat broad image that encompasses the spirit of our nation. I believe that there are two of these images. The first being the Paternal Uncle Sam, and the second being the unrecordable beauty and splendor of our nation’s wild.

These images can Unite Americans under a “creed” for multiple reasons. Firstly, “Uncle Sam” is not just an Uncle to some, he is meant to be an Uncle to all. This in and of itself unites the nation as one big family. On top of this, “Uncle Sam” (the government) is not always right, nor is he (it) always ethical, this is also represented through the image, as the wrinkles and slightly unkempt beard of the old geezer Sam show the inadequacy of the man (the government) at times. But most importantly Uncle Sam is an image that can unite all Americans under a “creed” or at least define a loose understanding of one due to the fact that he can be drawn/portrayed in many different ways by many different people. Art is the way in which ideas and glimpses into the soul can be made, and a character that all people can use and portray reflects the free speech and independence of our nation, for better or for worse.

On top of “Uncle Sam”, there is another image/symbol/idea that I believe unites all Americans (whether they are aware of it or not). That image/symbol/idea being the national parks and the natural diversity of the wild of our nation. Diversity is all around us in this nation, and that is not just diversity in the human sense. The nation and our natural world’s beauty is both symbolically and almost ironically a perfect mirror of our people in America.

In conclusion, it would be impossible to find a true symbol or image that perfectly encompasses all Americans under a single “creed” therefore the only thing we can hope to do is to find certain symbols or images that can unite us all (whether people are aware of it or not). We are all Americans, all the nephews and nieces of Uncle Sam in one sense or another, and all citizens of a beautiful country. It's time we bring our government and each other up to the standard of light and said beauty that is found all around us in the natural world of our nation.


Bay High School

2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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