America is a place of opportunity and freedom for all and through compromise I believe that all citizens can feel protected and important in our country without doubt or discrimination because of the common goal of the American Dream.

I believe that the life of an American is one that is a privilege. There is a reason as to why America is the country with the most immigrants in the entire world. People see America as a land of opportunity and freedom where they can pursue their ambitions and dreams. America is home to a multitude of nationalities, religious beliefs, and overall ways of life creating a melting pot in our nation. Drawn together by a common belief and aspiration of the American Dream, the people of America can strive for their goals no matter their background or state of life. 

People from far and wide have risked their lives to be called an American and live in our country of many freedoms. As a home to all, America is ideally a clean slate for those seeking asylum. No matter the discrimination or struggle one has faced in the past, citizens of America are given a new life in which they can start over. America should be a place where people can feel safe to voice their opinions and beliefs without the fear of judgement or persecution. A place people can call home without hesitation or doubt. 

America should be a land of equality where all people are represented without segregation of any kind. All people are represented and able to participate in all actions of the government which has grown stronger and stronger every year. Through additional advocating for all groups I feel that there is only room to improve circumstances for all people, nationalities, and every minority. 

There will always be room for improvement to strive and reach further greatness. I believe that through compromise and communication within the United States there is opportunity to make America a place free of fear and persecution and a land of freedom and forgiveness for all walks of life. 




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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