In today's world we can feel more and more divided, but I believe we still share a common creed: a common desire for progress

From the very beginning of America all the way back to the revolution Americans have strived for something through a collective creed. This American Creed, in however small an effect, guides Americans in their actions and beliefs. In these modern times where everything may seem more divided than ever; especially considering the growth in social media, I think that we continue to share this common creed. I believe that the American Creed is the collective desire for change and progress towards a more equal future. America started off far from perfect in the beginning—slaves were kept and an uncountable number of people from various groups were treated unequally to say the least. Much of this treatment has ended up carrying on to this day with continued unequal treatment towards minority groups and laws proposed that directly or indirectly discriminate against some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. LGBT+ people especially are frequently the targets of such unfair treatment with well-funded campaigns focused on depriving them of their rights and livelihoods. The US is clearly far from what it could be, but in some way this gives me hope. We know that things can change and have changed in the past, there is hope for the future that though there are problems now, the American people are determined to make their world better. Several civil rights movements have been created throughout our history that have worked to improve the lives of the American people and it is my belief that future movements will come to rise up against our modern problems. Our history is made through people who saw an issue and decided to stand up against it and I don’t think that this will change anytime soon. I believe that the American creed is a creed of the people, to progress themselves and society and correct the injustices they see in the world.




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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