This is what my personal values are

The United States of America has so many values that are each significant to each individual. Being American means to be free, individualism, being able to work, and lastly everything is up to you to choice how you live your life. If ever in danger there are policemen, firefighters, and doctors/nurses. Being American is truly a gift, especially knowing that we are protected by many.

The American lifestyles allow and encourages people to create their own lifestyles. Us Americans can choose what we desire whether it is our style, music choice, or gender label. The United states allows so much freedom of choosing yourself who you want to be. For me this is very important because I enjoy all of us to be different. Can you imagine if everyone in the world dressed, talked, or even had the same music taste. YUCK! I know for a fact I wouldn't enjoy that. I love being able to pick out clothes that I think suit me best. In other countries many people cannot express themselves because they might not feel comfortable doing so or told that it is wrong to be different. Another example is being able to be who we want to be. Here although the people of LGBTQ+ get a lot of hatred they are still comfortable to be able to show who they love or want to be with.

Next, working choices. In America there is such a wide selection of jobs that Americans can do. Varies from healthcare field, to being a mechanic, or even a school lunch lady. With this said we have the options to choose where we want to be and do for our life. For example with my family we all have different perspectives of what we want to do. My father is a mechanic he loves dealing with cars and learning more about them, when my mother is on the total opposite, she loves dealing with numbers which is why she is an accountant. With me and my brother we also have totally different values. I wish to become a surgery technician and help those in need and especially under pressure. My brother though want to become a professional football player. With all the resources America gives us we know it's possible.

Lastly, the belief of religious freedom. I feel as if this plays a huge role in my American Creed. Both my parents coming from out of this country and being able to practice their beliefs that they had out of the Unites States shows a lot. Knowing that there are others just like you with same beliefs gives more of a feeling of comfort. Living in a community that accepts all religions can shape a person in a positive way. It is very common to be friends with people of different religious groups and everyone is treated equally. I have friends from various religions, from Mormonism to Catholicism, we act as though there isn’t a religious barrier between us, because it doesn't take away from our relationship with each other.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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