How do words, symbols, or rituals express the American creed? I believe the words civil liberties express the American creed best.

Civil liberties are the foundation of American society and are the best words to express the American Creed because fundamental rights and freedoms offered to individuals are what makes Americans special, and different from everyone else in the world. Freedom and liberties are what allow Americans to have the American Creed. Without them, no one would be able to express their thoughts and feelings and have the ability to be who they want.

Civil liberties represent the freedom that every American enjoys. These civil liberties ensure that people can express and speak for themselves, and share their ideas. Americans are granted the freedom to practice their own religion, no religion at all, or as their personal beliefs. These civil liberties reflect the involvement and diversity that are significant to the American Creed, allowing every individual to live and thrive in line with their values. 

Civil liberties include a very important principle known as equality. These liberties make sure that every citizen is treated fairly and justly under the law. Regardless of someone's race, gender, sex, etc. Civil liberties guarantee that every person has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations. This commitment to equality and fairness reinforces the American Creed, where justice is not limited to only some but available to all.




    Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

    AP Government Class

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