My American Creed

My American creed comes from the ideas I place my identity in, and what I stand by as I live my life. I believe there are important aspects of being an American that are essential to uphold and live by. These include the ability to have pride in who we are and the country we live in, to strive toward independence in creating a life for ourselves, and to stand up for equality in a country where we have those rights. There are so many aspects of our country that you don’t see anywhere else, so it is important we use our rights in a positive way that benefits ourselves and many others.

Pride can be shown in many different ways and I believe without it I would not be a true American. Pride is something that you can show in different ways whether it is standing up for something you strongly believe in, or showing it from who you are and where you come from. All around being an American comes from having pride. Growing up my family has always demonstrated being a proud American and having freedoms like no other country. My relatives have a military background including my grandpa and his brother. The idea that they risked their lives to fight for our country and our freedoms as a nation stuck out to me. It makes me realize the importance of what they have done along with so many other proud Americans.

My American creed also consists of independence. I believe that being an independent individual within our country is a defining element that needs to be held. Being independent not only means that I am my own person, but it also means that I have the ability to create my own future. With an independent mindset, anything is achievable; people can be successful in most aspects if they work hard with their own determination. My American creed defines who I am and what it means to be a citizen in our country with freedoms like no other.




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