The following is a fictional narrative in the form of a poem, about what the ideal American Dream could look like from a Highschooler's perspective.

In the United States, where dreams take flight,

A high schooler ponders, in the dark of night.

What does the American Dream truly mean?

In his mind he wonders, questions, and dreams.

To this young mind, the dream is opportunity's embrace,
Where hard work and passion interlace.
In a land where dreams are forged with sweat and grit,
They seek a path that will truly uplift.

A dream is planted within these borders,
Where countless success stories and dreams soar.
In the State's heart, industries thrive,
From manufacturing to tech, they come alive.

The forerunners, visionaries, pioneers stand tall, 
A testament to dreams realized for all.
From musicians who strummed their first guitar,
To astronauts who dared to reach afar.

But the American Dream isn't just about fame,
It's the pursuit of happiness, without any blame.
Education beckons, a path to greatness unfolds,
In schools and colleges, knowledge molds.

The dream lies in the halls of their schools,
Where teachers inspire with wisdom's tools.
From the STEM programs to the arts' creative flair,
They nurture talents, ensuring dreams have air.

Sports fields and courts reveal a vibrant scene,
Where dreams are built on teamwork's sheen.
In basketball, football, and more they strive,
the countries champions on a national drive.

The dream echoes in the cheers of the crowd,
Aspirations of victory roar long and loud.
From high school championships to college arenas,
They chase their dreams with unwavering verve.

But amidst ambition's surge, let's not forget,
The American Dream also bears no debt.
Equality, justice, and compassion are key,
For this high schooler's dream to truly be free.

The Dream reveals the power of unity,
In our nations diverse communities' tapestry.
Neighborhoods thriving, hand in hand,
Together they rise, a promise to withstand.

The American Dream, a tapestry diverse,
Where each thread contributes, none left in reverse.
This high schooler holds this truth,
That dreams are attainable for all, not just a few.

So let their journey begin, with hope as their guide,
With perseverance and passion side by side.
In the United States, where dreams take flight,
They'll chase the American Dream, with all their might.




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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