my american creed

this poem is about how growing up in a predominantly Christian community where I constantly felt set apart from my peers because of a cultural difference. the small but essential difference shaped me into becoming who I am today and my outlook o lif

By gabrielle from Bay High School in Ohio

In a sea of faces, unfamiliar and vast, I stand alone, the only one of my past. The solitary Jewish girl, misunderstood, Lost in a school where I wish I could.

My traditions, a whisper lost in the air, Unseen, unappreciated, they linger there. No Hanukkah lights to sparkle with glee, Just an empty space where understanding should be.

Questions arise, a curious gaze, But ignorance veils their genuine ways. I'm left to navigate this unfamiliar space, Yearning for connection, a familiar embrace.

Invisible threads tie me to my faith, Yet they seem to unravel, facing this wraith. Alienated, I bear the weight of being alone, Yearning for a place where acceptance is sown.

But in this darkness, a spark may ignite, A glimmer of understanding, shining bright. For the journey is long, and though I stand alone, I'll carve my own path, with resilience I've grown.

I'll educate, share, and make my voice heard, To bridge the divide, and unravel the absurd. For being the only one can be hard to bear, But I'll rise above, and show them I'm here.

In the halls of uncertainty, I'll find my stride, A beacon of resilience, undeniably tied. Being the only Jewish girl in this school, I'll leave a lasting impression, breaking the rule.

Bay High School

2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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