My response about My American Creed has to do with my frustration being a young person in the United States. I am so grateful for living in such a wonderful country, but there are so many things we as a society need to change and improve!

Freedom Rings

Best Country on Earth

Or So We Tell Ourselves

Who Wouldn't Want to Live

In the Land of the Free and the Brave

Where Someone's Joke Pronouns are U/S/A

Kids Get Shot While At School

They Scream "If I Die in a School Shooting Forget Burial

Just Drop My Body on the Steps of the Capital"

Politicians and Adults Say

"Kids Are So Naive"

Yet We Are Fighting For Our Futures

Access to Safe Abortions Are Banned

The World is Burning

Gender and Racial Inequality

But Hey, We Have Freedom of Speech!

Except For The Censorship of Books and Subjects In School

And Definitely Don't Say Gay 

We Still Have A Great Country

But Are We Truly Free?




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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