I pledge my loyalty to the flag so true,

A symbol of unity, red, white, and blue.

With reverence, I stand, hand over my heart,

In this pledge of allegiance, a united start.

To our nation, indivisible, we devote,

With liberty and justice, we shall promote.

Respecting our diversity, in every way,

A land where freedom's light will forever stay.

With pride, we honor those who have fought,

Defending our values, lessons they've taught.

With gratitude, we remember their sacrifice,

Preserving our freedom, a priceless prize.

One nation, we stand, with hope in our sight,

Striving for progress, in darkness, we'll fight.

With compassion and empathy, we'll extend,

A helping hand to all, to mend and befriend.

United we pledge, with passion and pride,

To uphold the principles, side by side.

In pursuit of justice and equality's call,

Together we'll rise, never to fall.




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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