What an American is

In America, where where impactful stories dwell,

Where dreams take flight and stories swell.

From textbooks worn and halls that gleam,

I ponder what it means to be American, it seems.

To be an American is to embrace diversity.

In classrooms filled with vibrant hues,

We learn from cultures, old and new.

From Cleveland to Cincinnati's streets,

A mix of heritage beautifully meets.

To be an American is to cherish freedom.

The flag, proud and bold

Symbolizes the liberty that defines our world.

Through history's pages, we bear witness,

To brave souls fighting for justice and fairness.

To be an American is to value community.

From Friday night lights to town parades,

Neighbors gather, cheering accolades.

Through triumph and struggle, we stand together,

Supporting one another, in good or bad weather.

Being American is more than mere land,

It's the values we hold, hand in hand.

The nation’s youth, with dreams so vast,

Together we'll shape a future that will last.

In this great country we'll play our part,

For being an American is etched in our heart.




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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