Throughout my life I have experienced many instances that i would consider to be the American dream. Time and time again i have experienced opportunities and chances to become myself and explore my freedoms.


One of the greatest examples of this is BSA (Boy Scouts of America). I joined troop 201 out of olmsted falls when i was in 6th grade. I never really wanted to join boy scouts because it seemed like too much work to 11 year old me, and it was intimidating working with kids older than me. Slowly as i learned and became more comfortable i realized what an opportunity it was to be a boy scout. I remember my first summer camp at seven ranges being one of the most enjoyable times of my life. Not only was i free from the stress of home but I was also free to explore things i found interesting such as merit badges. Over my time as a boy scout i have accrued some 40 merit badges ranging from shot gun shooting to indian lore.

Being a boy scout is both a blessing and a curse. Overall the leadership and practical survival skills i have learned have helped me to become more prepared as a person, but the constant stress to work on and get my eagle scout rank before i am 18 is intimidating. Most importantly though, being a boy scout has helped me become more patriotic. Many people may not realize it but signing up for boy scouts is the equivalent to enlisting as a 11 year old. The constant sense of patriotism I feel at meetings and on campouts comes from my commitment to my troop and country. In 2021 I served as SPL of my troop (Senior Patrol Leader) and it helped me to become better leader and friend. I realized when i took on this position that in order to serve as a leader you must serve others and always be there to help. I served two terms (1 year) as SPL and it truly was one of the greatests opportunities i have ever had. 

Becoming a better leader from this experience has led me to be better American in many ways. I have learned how to deal and help others, take action and direct my energy to a goal, and most importantly, i have realized what it means to be a proud American.




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