American Creed means many things to many different people is, but over all I think most Americans can agree on that It is about hope and improvement

To me American Creed is always striving to be better and improve the world. The foundation of American was built on the hope to improve the way of life and gain freedom. This extends to today as people strive for equality, safety, and freedom to express yourself for all americans.

A perfect world is probably no where near possible but there is beauty in the idea that we can all strive to get as close as possible to it. American express there want for improvement often through there first amendment right of protest and free speech.When I think of American something that always come to mind is are very prevalent past of inequality because of race. The constitution claims that all men are created equally but that was not true for a long time and is still fought for today. It took marches, protest, speeches, and even death for African American rights in this country to be improved but because of those brave peoples belief that things can improve they began the creation of a better and more equal society.

Americans are people from all over the world that have come together in the “melting pot” of American, but it is important to still celebrate our differences. This is why striving from the freedom to express yourself and feel comfortable doing so is such an important american vaul, whether its the ability to wear a religious head covering or a small family restaurant with recipes brought over from your family's country people fight everyday for people to be able to stay connected with there heritage as well as being able to be proud of the country we share. My family owns a Irish pub in New Jersey and my dad grew up around iris coulter which is where a lot of my family came to American from. The restaurant is really important to my dads family because they get to come together there and celebrate family and tradition. This is something everyone should have the opportunity to do with their families.

Lastly safety is an issues that recently has been in the eyes of americans from gun control to blm movement many people are calling for a safer America. Whether you agree with these causes or not I think it is beautiful to see people exercising their rights and protesting for what they believe in, not only in cause that benefit them but help to benefit their fellow citizens. By going out and supporting movements people are showing a core American value: striving for a better future for all.




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