Opportunity; The Name of the Game

Posted by Jacob G. Kentucky

My piece is about the current mindset around opportunity in America. My goal is to point out that we should strive to create equality, but right now there is also too much to do with identifying problems without finding solutions. Change comes through action, not complaining.


We dwell, and complain

And we become victims of disdain.

We hear the calls

That capitalism will be the fall of us all.

All that’s heard is how opportunity isn’t equal.

But in reality,

All we’re doing is manifesting a generation that is feeble.

America creates

A society that cultivates,

Ideas that innovate.

There are issues,

In the nation that we reside.

But there are no situations that propose dire straits.

It is within this beautiful irony,

We’re given the beautiful United States

Published on Dec 4, 2018
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