Quality of Equality

A short poem about how I feel about intolerance in America.

Quality of Equality

It’s matter of quality

I finally fall back to reality

What I desperately want to see

Is some genuine human empathy

I find myself weeping

The hatred brewing and creeping

Into every nook and cranny

Ripping apart our country

Divides and ravines

Separate us with no in-between

A hope for tolerance and acceptance

Alas, There is no abundance

In a small town, rural Kentucky

I guess you could consider me lucky

For me, I experience little attack

However, I feel some indirect flak

All it took was rumor of a gay campground

To bring all of the hate and disgust around

All around, intense emotions

Too much sound, a huge commotion

I’ve heard the horrors

Of how we make fake borders

With one another

It makes me shudder

People are people

We all are equal

No matter our sexuality, religion or race

We should greet all people with an open arm embrace

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