What America could use

A few things America could use to make the country a better place overall.

By Bella from Okemos High School in Michigan

America has a lot of values. Some of these values include freedom, liberty, and equality. But what about the values the people have not for the country for for each other? America should value more, America should value a strong economy, respect for one another, acceptance, and individuality. To make America a better place I believe we can implement these ideas along with our values of freedom and equality in order to succeed.

Why should we value a strong economy? Having a strong economy with more business means more job opportunities and more goods. With more job opportunities there are less Americans living in poverty which can overall help strengthen this country. More opportunities can be given and goods and products can be made more efficiently. Part of Americans main values with freedom and equality is equal opportunity and freedom to choose what job you want. Strengthening the economy is valid for success in America.

Respecting each other is also important. In the article The Problem With Respect in America, it’s mentioned that “essentially, Americans today are taught polite behaviors but not the respect behind said actions” (Davis). This really represents how although everyone is different, some people don’t know respect. Everyone in their life has experienced disrespect and rude behavior multiple times in their life, and this is what divides us. Some people don’t respect others based on their race. Some people don’t respect others based on their gender. Some people don’t respect others based on their religion. Some people don’t respect others based on their age. The endless possibilities just shows that no matter what, people haven’t learned respect and their will always be opinions dividing America. If we learn to set aside our differences and start regarding others individuality we can be more unified.

In addition, individuality can diversify us and show how free America really is. We should be able to wear what we want, believe in what we want, and voice what we want without having other people verbally attack others. If people feel comfortable being themselves overall their positivity can boost others. Especially if you can say what you want without someone else feeling hurt, we can discuss and negotiate together.

Overall, America can 100% become more unified by working together and focusing on putting aside our differences. Respecting each other, working on a better community and economy, and being ourselves. Without these things we are an opinionated split up country who can’t work together. We must trust ourselves, trust others, and believe that we as a country can succeed. The change needs to happen first.

Davis, Cailee. “The Problem With Respect in America.” The Odyssey, www.google.com/amp/s/www.theodysseyonline.com/the-problem-with-respect-in-america.amp.

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