An essay response to the question, "how do words, symbols, or rituals express the American Creed?"

Words, symbols, and rituals all play in a part of the expression of the American Creed in many different ways, but all end up meaning the same thing in some way. The meaning these all add up to is what the American Creed is and how it is viewed throughout America and the different citizens in America.

A few words that represent the American Creed are freedom, citizen, and democracy. Freedom represents the American Creed because, in America, people have many different freedoms. The two most known freedoms in America are speech and religion. The word citizen represents the people living in America, which are known as American citizens, or sometimes just Americans. Democracy is the type of government America has. This makes it so the people themselves can choose their leaders there is power restrictions on the different parts of the government so that each part has almost completely equal power.

Some symbols that show American Creed are the Bald Eagle, the American Flag, and the Liberty Bell. The Bald Eagle is the country’s national animal. It represents freedom and power in the states. The American Flag is the country’s flag, which represents the 50 states (which is what the 50 stars stand for) and the 13 colonies (which is what the stripes stand for). The flag is one of America’s most prized symbols and is one of the top symbols that people think of when they think of America. Lastly, the Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom in America and was rung during the first readings of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Americans have many rituals to showcase their American Creed, but there are a few that mostly every American does and really represents the American Creed. These rituals are things like saying the pledge of allegiance in schools, singing the National Anthem before sports games, and holding fireworks displays on the Fourth of July. Schools saying the pledge of allegiance every day shows that Americans continue to honor and worship the flag and what the flag represents. People singing the National Anthem before sports games is pretty much the same thing as saying the pledge of allegiance, but it expresses the American Creed just a little differently by putting it into song and honoring the people who fought for freedom and not just what the flag mainly represents. Finally, the firework displays on the Fourth of July represent the people’s recognition and celebration of the date of the “birth of the independence of America”. This date in 1776 is when the Declaration of Independence was signed, which made America officially it’s own country.

In the end, there are many ways to express American Creed. Words, symbols, and rituals are all used to show the American Creed and how it is used in everyday society in America.




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