How Can You Express Your American Creed Through Action?

Expressing your American creed through action is showing pride and being courageous about your country.

By Peyton C. from West Baton Rouge Library in Louisiana

Expressing your American creed through action means to show your compassion and love for your country through good deeds and acts of kindness. You show that you have a great sense of pride about where you live. There are many ways you can show how much love you have for your country.

Expressing your American creed can start from simple actions like picking up litter off of the ground. This shows that you have pride in how your country appears physically. Another way to express your American creed is to vote in every election. Most people feel like their one vote won’t change anything in an election. Voting in every election shows that you care about how the government will carry out representing you. It shows that you do not mind taking the responsibility of making sure your voice is heard in the government and in politics— the epicenter of our democracy.

People who speak up against violence and crime are expressing their American creed. Violence and crime in the United States are at an all time high because there aren’t enough people taking the initiative to speak against it. A person who truly cherishes their country will step up against all of the wrong that is going on in their country no matter what the outcome will be. They will not give up on making the United States the “perfect” country to live in.

Expressing your American creed through action is showing pride and being courageous about your country. You do not worry about the obstacles you have to face; you just worry about making your country the best it can be for yourself and future generations.

Peyton Christopher

Grade: 12th

School: Port Allen High School

Baton Rouge, LA

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