When I think about my American Creed, I think of overcoming adversity and rising above the statistics set upon me based on my situation.

When I think about my American Creed, I think of overcoming adversity and rising above the statistics set upon me based on my situation.My life is not one that has been terrible, but i have had the odds stacked against me many times. From being born prematurely and not having a sure possibility of living, growing up in a poor household and dealing with being an outcast, to finding myself and realizing the blessings my freedom brings are what have made my mind of the American Creed. This American Creed has developed my mindset as a young man growing in a very diverse and separated America.

Growing up as a child, I never really placed much thought into how I am able to affect the way my country is formed in both an economic and political aspect. Now I see differently. The country is a piece of clay, that I and my fellow Americans have the pleasure and privilege of being the potter to. Molding this clay into how we deem it to be fit and how we want it to be. The freedoms given to the American people belong to us, no matter the race, financial class, or any other classification. We as a country have been made stronger through these diversities that we share and that, I believe, is what creates this American Creed. We all know first what it means to be an American, which is to have freedom to choose who we are, where we wish to be, and what our legacy shall be and to cherish and protect these freedoms. We all have a choice when it comes to our freedom, which is to either make the best life we can in our great country, or to be complacent. I feel as though when we make the decision to become the best we can be and to make this life the best that we can, that is when an American begins to chase this Creed.

How we chase the American Creed is something that we must perceive for ourselves by what our life goals are. Saying that we want to be  “good citizens” is the furtherment of this ideal. The Creed we all chase is how we plan to better the nation that we are blessed to be in. As a citizen we are the ones that influence the politicians that we elect to make the country how it should be to us. So chasing the Creed of America is doing the duties given a citizen in order to set a precedent for the future citizens of the country.




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Written responses compiled by Port Allen High School students in response to the Writing Our Future prompts.

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