This piece of work explains homelessness in America. Many people do not know women have a harder time being homeless than man.

My drawing is representing selfishness. A rich man walks past a homeless man laying on the sidewalk in LA. Another homeless person walks by and adds money into the cup. Why couldn’t the rich man do that? He has enough money to by designer items but can’t add just a dollar? According to my research it claims that women have a harder struggle then men because they have to take care of their children .”Children with a single mother are five times more likely to be in poverty”. In 2010 one out of 141 black people were homeless shelters.Also 1.35 million children were on the streets or even in shelters . “In 2010, one out of every 141 persons in Black families stayed in a homeless shelter.” Information shows more black people are to be homeless . overall message is don’t be selfish with money and help your community as much as you can if your fortunate .

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