My article is about the homeless inequality or the reasons that people are homeless.

Charles Corbin

Ms. Hesse

English 4

14 February 2019

                                                                                                                                                                       Homeless Equality/ Inequality

       There are too many people that are homeless because of race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities and ages. In an article from Stanford University the text states, “There are 750,000 Americans who are homeless on any night”. From my point of view the text is trying to say there are lots of homeless people in the world; do you ever wonder why the people are homeless? They’re either that way because they messed themselves up or something bad must have happened to them or they may have been treated badly. I found another quote from the same article it says, “The ranks of the sheltered homeless include males, middle-aged people (ages 31-50), veterans, and disabled”. This basically explained what I stated said but in a briefer way. Veterans and disable cant work because veterans may have an injury and no one will hire an injured person. If a person is also disabled they cant get a job because they might be mentaly not ready.

      In an article from NY Times, the text says, “We need government support for child care, medical care and other services to support those who cannot work and to empower those who can”. It’s true because many people have/ want jobs. But they aren’t eligible to work maybe because of an injury or in trouble with the law. Without a job they cant give kids what they need such as food, shelter, clothes, day care, etc.

        This article is on homeless new yorkers the text mentions, ”The number of homeless New Yorkers sleeping each night in municipal shelters is now 76 percent higher than it was ten years ago”.There are more homeless people these days because or new drugs, new diseases, etc. I hope you learned enough about homelessness so please don’t make the same mistakes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Works Cited

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