Education in America

This piece is about children not receiving education in America and how it is a important thing we need to start paying attention to.

Dear~Students around the world

This is a important message for us teens/kids,we need to start taking advantage on the education that is provided to us. All around the kids are either not receiving education at all or there either not getting full education. For instance the kids of syria had a war march 15 2011 and till this day the war is still going on. They can't just not get a education they need somewhere to go to learn, and the kids that have money get taught that is unfair think about it in america it's free for us to learn but to some kids it seems to not be enough. If that didn't convince you in the BORGEN Magazine its states’’Girls face a substantial and unique challenge to pursuing education in Syria’’, it also states that ‘girls are 2.5 times more likely to not attend school than their male counterparts. Fear of gender-based violence and slavery has resulted in fewer girls receiving an education’. To me girls are no different from boys they could do anything boys can do just have to practice and good at it we deserve equal rights there is no reason they should not get a education. This is very important because its a law that no matter what you are we are all equal and either females or your poor or even not getting full education is very wrong and should be resolved very quick.This is other places to just not syria. But to sum it all up in america schools are mixed with a lot of different color,sex. In conclusion we are lucky with the freedom we have. Let's start to take action.

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