My piece is about what racism is, how it started, who influences it, and how we can possibly stop it.


Racism is one of our biggest problem on earth because almost everyone is slowly becoming racist but most of them is not racist but, people are make community’s about racism and destroying certain things because of it. Now to stop racism we have to make everyone in the world not be racist which is impossible. So basically there is no end to racism and there is no chance of stopping it.

Theory of How This All Happen

People are thinking that Donald Trump started all of this when he first stepped in to office. Before donald was our president everything was going ok but, when he went to office and announce that he is gonna build a 5 billion wall in mexico almost everyone thought he was racist except for people who supported him.Based on the studies of racism they say that racism cannot be stop but, if we somehow stop it there is gonna be a really good chance of racism reamurging and be alive again. So now at this point there is no hope for racism disappearing from existence. Most of the people on Earth is blaming Donald for starting all of this because of the 5 billion dollar wall and that he said mexico is gonna pay for it. The wall debate is racist because donald want to build and let mexico pay for it but, now he changed to the taxpayers and people exspecially the mexican were pissed of at him because of that wall

Another Big Problem To Deal With

So racism is one problem but, let's get in to the next one which is the kkk (ku klux klan),the kkk is a clan which was created during the reconstruction period in 1865. This clan is all about racism and what they did for it is crazy, they started to cause violence from it. Also people who are racist support them and the other people hated them.The violence of the kkk is getting so bad that the government is now starting to come in and take action in this mess. The kkk has gotten bigger since then and racism can change peoples mind and they will go crazy. According to the internet “the kkk is at Pulaski,TN and they are just chill there but soon they will do something bad really soon because they didn't do anything bad for so long so there bound to be something wrong pretty soon”. Also the kkk start off at Pulaski,TN and still assemble there and all of the stuff that they form all start there.

How Could You Stop Racism?

Based on studies of racism, racism can be stop because you have to tell like 7 and half billion people to stop being racist which is impossible. Also if we do manage to stop racism there is gonna be a 80% chance of racism reamurgeing again and this time it will never end. So now the world is ending slowly and we can't stop, all because of donald trump because of his 5 billion dollar wall he is trying to build at mexico so the taxpayers can pay for it. People are not getting paid because of donald's decision and now federal worker are not working because they are not getting paid from the federal shutdown for like a month but, now they are back on for a little bit until they have to shut down again. Oh, by the way this all my opinion except for the shut down everyone being racist and the world ending.

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