My piece is about how important homelessness in America is.

Jayvien Molina


Ms. Hesse


Dear reader,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this important letter. I am writing this letter because I want people to see how important homelessness in America is. I found out on this article called that homelessness in America is important because there are nearly 600,000 homeless people in the United States. There are many people who are alone, there are children, and there are families out there that are homeless. I have done research on homelessness before and I have asked questions about it. Questions like “Why does homelessness occur in the world?”. “How do people become homeless?”. “Why don’t homeless people get jobs?”. “How can a homeless person get a job if he/she is all dirty and they smell bad?”. “How would they get into an interview with dirty clothes and no phone?”. These are my questions and I still haven’t gotten an answer from some of them. I am curious to know how homeless people can show up to a job interview. An article I ran into is called The author says “Employers will often ask for your phone number, your email, or both.” In the article I read that homeless people can rely on friends and family. The author also says if the employer finds out that the homeless person stays at a shelter the employer will think they have some kind of mental issue or other problems. If you have old clothing that you don’t use anymore, food that you don’t eat, or some money then maybe you can give one of those 3 to them. People can give information on where the nearest homeless shelter is at. Most people in today’s world either make a decision like becoming homeless or looking for resources to help them get back on their feet. There are also some people that do not have a choice in their life-style and they can come out with a horrible outcome which causes them to become homeless. I want my audience to realize that they can help out people that are homeless because even though some people become homeless doesn’t mean they are out doing bad things such as stealing, being dirty, using drugs, or any other crimes. There are some people that never made those choices and are suffering and trying to get their life together. 




ninth graders at NFA P-TECH

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