I will be explaining what it means to be an American.

Freedom is a open door to a new life you just have to choose how to live it. Privilege comes with responsibility. Being an American is the freedom to being what you wish to do.

The right of freedom gives you the will to do whatever and the life you choose is the life you depend on. In the book “Fast Break” Although Jayson came from a bad and poor homelife, he put to his mind that he was going to be a kid so he can focus on basketball. No matter what circumstances you come from you can overcome as long as you believe.

Therefore, you have to be responsible the freedom is there for you, but you have to make good choices. In 2018 their are around 2 million people in prison out of 325.7 million in the U.S. All off of people not making good decisions.

Above all, you can’t forget where you came from. Once you succeed you can’t forget where you came from. You wouldn’t be successful without the people who raised you or who drove you. In my opinion I would try to thank my mom in any way I could.

All in all, Being an american is freely pursuing something you love. In this Country you have the rights to be free now how will you choose how to use them and still be a good person!




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