We had to pick someone from history that represents American Creed. I picked Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln has done so anything for this country so I thought he was an example of American Creed.

The process of the masking was difficult for me. I am not very tech savvy. This project helped me get to know photoshop a little bit better. I struggled with picking the words I wanted to fill my silhouette. I wanted to pick words that not only portray American Creed but something that Abe Lincoln said. I picked unity, independence, freedom, loyalty. Abraham Lincoln said those words and those words represented him. This activity was important because it led me to understand what American Creed really meant. 




New Tech High at Coppell Critical Literacies 2017-2018

This is the freshman level blended class of English I taught by Mrs. Bence and Digital Media taught by Mrs. Kat Saucier. We hope you enjoy our learners' multi-modal compositions responding to the various invitations to create.

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