This piece expresses my American creed and how my values about education and hard work have shaped me and the decisions I make. Different perspectives are incorporated to illustrate similar beliefs and how other peoples creeds tie into my own.

My American creed comes from and evolves around education and develops into opportunities. I believe success is difficult to be accomplished without proper education and the right skills.

In the interview with Mr. Rodriguez, a parent of a student in my class, he explains his journey from Venezuela to America and the problems he overcame in his early teens. He left everything he back home in search of his American dream-to create his own family and obtain a good job. What is significant about America is the opportunities we have and the right to our own opinions. Mr. Rodriguez ended up going to Boston University where a program was offered for him. He explains how if he were to stay in Venezuela, and not return back to the U.S to get a job, he would have no food, money, or opportunities. When he took this huge risk to go to America at such a young age, he knew it would scary but worthwhile to reach his American creed.

I asked my mom where she thinks she would be without the education she received at Cornell. Her response was, “I do not think I would be living in Westport, as I do not believe I would be able to afford a home education opened many doors for me and gave me opportunities to interview at a large number of various companies which made me a viable candidate for high paying jobs.” In discussing the job she pursued after college and the reasons why she quit, my mom stated, “After college, I went to work on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. After two years, I was afforded a higher paying position at a hedge fund, as my skills were recognized. I made the difficult decision to leave this firm after 8 years to stay home with my first born child.” She did this because, “I did not have the type of job where I could work part time or with reduced travel. Family has always been the most important thing to me and I did not want to miss any milestones in my childrens’ lives.” My mom added how she always wanted to raise her kids in the suburbs, and as her older siblings already lived in Connecticut, she was aware of Westport’s strong academic reputation and all that the town had to offer for her family (such as Longshore, the beach and a vibrant downtown).

I strongly believe ones’ creed and dreams shape them to become who they are and who they will be. I like to hope I will become a better person and make a difference by wanting to receive the best education I can. To reiterate, I believe education is necessary in order to achieve high level success in most fields. Making sacrifices and following your dreams are important in the long run. This is seen in both my mother’s and Mr. Rodriguez's stories. Mr. Rodriguez left everything behind in Venezuela and took a huge risk in entering a foreign country as a little boy. My mom gave up her dream job in New York City to take care of my brothers and I to raise us in a place where we could be afforded many opportunities and an excellent education.

What is so unique and special about America are the opportunities and freedoms we have. These rights are what lead many Americans to triumph. It is common for American citizens to take these rights for granted and not be aware that not all countries in the world have these freedoms. I used to take my education for granted and go to school because I was forced to. Now, I have a new outlook on my own and others education. It is up to yourself to utilize the resources you are given in order to succeed.

According to the article, “Why Education is Often Taken for Granted”, “Over 1 billion of the world’s population is illiterate due to a lack of access to educational services or just simply being unable to afford school fees. Education is something that is often taken for granted”(UpEffect). This quote really stood out to me and I feel that my American creed is shaped around it. My dream for the future is for my kids to be able to receive the same kind of education I am receiving currently, as in my opinion, it is essential.

When my dad finished high school in Framingham, Massachusetts he would be attending college at UMASS, Amherst, however he would need to finance his education while being an enrolled student. My grandmother did not work and my grandfather did not hold a high paying job, so my dad had to balance holding down a job and getting his work done as a student. Hopefully, by receiving a solid education in Westport and at whatever college I choose to attend, I will be able to obtain a good job which will allow me to pay it forward to my own children and finance their educations.

Education is vital to me, and I hope that one day when I graduate college I will be given the opportunity to take a job that utilizes my skills, pays well and most importantly, that I enjoy. I know that achieving success requires hard work.

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