Since the kids are the future of this planet, why not educate them from a young age. With the basics of education and the opportunity to proceed to a higher education, the future would be filled with successful men and women.

 A creed to help the kids

In expressing my American Creed I wanted to take a path that I could best advocate for what I felt is most important to me as an American citizen. As a person living in the United States, my american creed consists of several things. One of the most important creeds in my life is that all kids should have access to education specifically in the United States. As a teen I have absolutely had my times where I hated school and tried to do everything to avoid it; however, I am happy with myself that I was able to turn it around and be much more engaged with school and my grades. For a while school was the worst for me and the added anxiety and depression did not help to say the least. Am I a little upset that it took this long to realize how important school is? Of course I am. I think day after day how much farther in life I would be if I took my education seriously in middle and high school. Knowing what it feels like when everyone else around you is progressing with their work and you aren’t is one of the many reasons that education is super important to kids and teens.

Being that my american creed is kids having access to education, I want every kid to get their basic education so that they can have a career when they are older and make it in the real world. As stated in the movie, “American Creed” the female professor states that, “If you could become educated it was like a superpower and holy grail for blacks.” Although this remark is towards the African American race, I would love to see all minorities or less fortunate kids have that “superpower” and get to feel accomplishment within themselves and their education. Due to the fact that some people aren’t getting the education they need or are being denied of further education, I know a lot can be done to resolve this problem. No person should have to feel that because of how they grew up they have a less chance at success. In a news article regarding NBA All-Star Draymond Green’s interview on May 29, 2019 published by CNBC, Draymond let the press know he he deals with his competition. Draymond stated: As a competitor, if you’re trying to do something meaningful, if you don't have the mindset that you’re the best ever, you’ve failed already[...] That will be my mindset as long as I can remember anything: That I am the best ever at what I do… And that will give me a shot at being the best” This is a quote that I think everyone should hear and go into everyday with the confidence Draymond portrayed in his interview...That you are the best at what you do! With the help of access to education and confidence within yourself, I truly think any kid can accomplish their dreams and turn them into accomplishments.

So far with expressing my american creed I have done several in direct actions that I feel is important I keep doing.  I have done research for projects on the access of education throughout the world, signed several petitions for kids to have access to education, and now want to start setting up fundraisers for the kids that cannot get education on their own. One thing that I do that does express my american creed through action is being an active member at my high school. Although I am not raising awareness and setting up foundations for kids that don’t receive education, I feel that since I just got myself back on track with school that pursuing my dreams of success through earning the highest level of education possible would be a great example for others to look off of and really understand how important education is to one's life. After becoming aware of this problem, I see no other way of fixing it then to start raising awareness and helping out the ongoing problem. A couple steps I can take in the future to express my american creed of kids having access to education is by educating the people of our country on what this problem is really about. I have done some background research on this problem in my history class and I feel that with some more research on this topic I can start a website to raise awareness using concrete evidence so that there is no dispute over anyone's opinion, because you cannot argue against a fact.

In conclusion, the creed of kids having access to education is not only important to me but touches a soft spot in my heart. I struggled far too long with my education and I was fortunate enough to have access to education, I couldn’t imagine the struggle for a kid with no basic education and even more so in the future when people have to work for a living. Fortunately enough there is a solution to this problem which is why I wanted to start off with this piece of writing as my first step of expressing my american creed through action, and with some manageable work my next step is to educate a bigger and more diverse population of people, and the end goal being to directly and positively impact some kids by aiding them with the tools they need to pursue an education.

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