My text is about how my family and I have expressed our American creeds together. It talks about what it is and means to be an American and the rights that you are given.

How Do You Express Your American Creed?

An American creed is something that all Americans have but some Americans just do not know it. An American Creed comes along with all of the freedoms that come with being an American citizen and some can be much different than others. For me and my family, we think of our American creed as being able to go to temple to celebrate our religion and say prayers on every Jewish holiday. To us, this is something that is not appreciated enough because we are so used to it and have never had it different. This is not just my family, everyone is able to express their American creed in whatever way that they want, this is because of the people who came before us who fought to make our country a free one.

For me, being Jewish is my American creed; when my family and I celebrate our religion, there is nobody to stop us from doing that, and this is my way of expressing my American creed. Other countries around the world have it completely different from how Americans have freedoms. Just like how in other countries they do not have a freedom of speech, everyone in America can have an open opinion on our government and that is because of freedom of speech. It goes without much recognition that these freedoms all come from the United States constitution, which gave America all of it’s freedoms.

The one part of the Constitution that allows my family and I to express our American creed is the Freedom of Religion. This amendment gives all United States citizens the right to practice, teach, and worship the religion or group of their choice. This amendment is what allows me to express my American creed in the Jewish religion by celebrating Jewish holidays with my family and relatives. Although America has gone through a lot in it’s past, it has become an independent and free country where everyone gets to live their own version of the American dream and have their own American creed.

For my family, both of my parents were born in the United States, and so was my grandfather. My grandfather grew up much different then my family, he grew up in a children's home, where he eventually wanted to go into the Air Force. When I asked my grandfather what would make him want to go to the Air Force, he talked about how he was in law school and his first option was to be a lawyer and protect people's rights. He chose to go into the air force instead of being drafted to fight in the army. He talked about how being in the Air Force was not easy, because he wanted to show how grateful he was for America. My Grandpa touched on how he expressed his American creed in different ways as his life went on. He talked about how he has been Jewish his whole life and was able to celebrate and pass that down to a family. Just being able to express his religion and teach it to my family mom and her sisters, that was his American dream. Of course throughout his whole life he had different versions of the American dream, but now he says he has accomplished his own version of it.

This year me and my family celebrated 3 major Jewish holidays Yom Kippur, Passover, and Rosh Hashanah. On these holidays I went to temple in the morning and sat with my parents while they recited jewish prayers. At night we had our whole family over while we had a great dinner and a fun time hanging out with my cousins and family. During this I had a great time, I laughed and celebrated the jewish holiday with the people I am close with and do not get to see that often. To me, being with my family and having a good time celebrating our religion, that is my way of expressing my American creed.

In conclusion, many people in America have different ideas on how they express their American creed. For me, I express my American creed with the people that I love celebrating the religion that we chose. As my life goes on I will probably be expressing my American creed in different ways just like how my grandfathers American creed changed his whole life and as life went on he expressed it in different ways. People everywhere try to come to the United States everyday to live their best life possible with all of the freedoms that come with being a citizen of The United States of America. 





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