My essay talks about the diversity of the U.S. and how that effects the American Creed. I summarize how The American Dream is not always achievable and how your background effects your American Creed.

How Do Diverse Americans Understand The American Creed?

America is a nation built by immigrants. Due to Americas’s diversity, everybody’s American Creed is unique and comes from different backgrounds. My American Creed is that you can achieve anything you want if you work hard. Although, that specific statement can apply to some people; it won’t apply to everybody. My American Creed is unique and because of America’s diverse population, we always see a different point of view and each others differences.

All Americans have differences whether it be their race, religion, or politics that divide us in society. Those differences can alter someone's belief and their American Creed. For instance, someone’s religion can decipher what they believe and their morals. In America democracy, human rights, freedom, etc. are examples of American identity and morals that people in our country believe in. However, the differences between others creates a community of people with the same values, beliefs, morals, etc. Therefore, these communities create division and discrimination between one another.

One advantage to having a diverse nation is that you get to learn about different people who come from all over the world. This can lead to a change in beliefs or an influence that allows you to see the world differently. Another advantage to a diverse nation is that there is always a sense of belonging and culture similarities that you can be a part of. One disadvantage to having communities is that the division of people throughout the classes of wealth will drive us further apart from one another and create hatred. Political views are also driving our nation further apart and our views are going the opposite direction. In today's society people’s political views are taken very serious and are hostile between Democrats and Republicans.

America is looked at as a country of freedom and ultimately a better life for Immigrants. Many look at the U.S. as an opportunity to have The American Dream. The American Dream is also part of many people’s American Creed. However, The American Dream is not always achievable for everybody even if they work hard. Someone’s success in life can be determined by their fortunate or unfortunate background. Living in America and having your American identity is an important part of having success and determining your American Creed.

The differences in our nation allow us to understand other people's backgrounds and understand their American Creed. I believe that everyone’s actions are slightly altered by their American Creed and Religion. I also believe that in the future our country will still be divided by communities, but will be more accepting of each others differences and will be able to influence one another, sharing each other's American Creed. 





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