This is some of my thoughts about my American reality and how I feel about the the concept of the freedom in American.

Infinite ideas:

I keep telling myself

I need to do something important before I am dead.

Exhaustion often keeps me locked in my bed

Watching motivational videos,

Attempting to steal an idea

Making  my own `bread.`

Awareness awakens and orders me to move ahead.

Drinking my tea,

Trying to understand society--

Rules and why we agree to disagree.

Are we clones who will someday feel

suffering--the truth that we are real--

Human beings who should think more about diseases

Less about the ‘dream’?

I don’t go to church but

I feel the pain in my knee when I am asked

To pray.

And to pray for what exactly?

We are swimming in this dark sea together,

Trusting in the `God` and the `Giants

We are their waiters,

And they are the clients:

Big lies, thinking that we are free.

Sorry my friend, there is no such thing, only

Silence in your own universe

As you are and remain like me

Addicted to this verse,

Surrounded by all energy.




Project Citizen Project Citizen '19

Project Citizen is a youth writing lab that is offered as part of the Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield University. The mission of Project Citizen is to empower young writers to engage in issues of social and political importance through a variety of genres in order to both find their voice and to become fully realized citizens in our democracy. Project Citizen brings together students from school districts and towns in Fairfield county that represent a variety of economic, racial, ethnic, and religious demographic groups in an effort to break down the "zip code apartheid" that stands in the way of true collaborative learning.

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