Colored storms meets the catastrophic miracle.

Eclipse Glasses

Ivory, sunflowers, dirt,

These are all just labels for exquisite colors.

Our eyes of surveillance, unassisted distinguish the discrepancy, while our intellectual capabilities, being the brain, perpetrates the transgression.

An orchid, however breathtaking, it has no aroma to broaden in the “ empty” space.

A motionless pond, cloudy yet has lotuses to convey the crystalline beauty.

All that glistens may not be diamonds nor any jewel. It's the heart that extends outward,

So why the speculation of pigmentation and gender?

The misfits and the outcasts dispute their mortification in impotence.

The monster dancing inside of us crepts cynically, driving us intensely demented.

A male is more of dominance then a female; men can place their hands on them and believe that the woman is less pure than they.

I contemplated on the reasoning behind this, but received no answer upon asking.

There are zero remedies for the credence is unsubstantial.

People of society are conveyed to prowl hand in hand, neither above the other.

Shoulder to shoulder they are to be on their feet.

A nose, a pair of eyes, a set of ears, a heart, some emotions, and of course pure actions.

At least that’s the mask we try to fit on the shattered pieces.

But it is all the illusion of the word equality.




Morehead Writing Project Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2019 Writing I Classes

First-year writing students at Morehead State University

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