This letter was to bring attention to how powerful America can be as a nation. It was designed to point out the flaws America has right now so they can be addressed and corrected in the near future.

Dear America, 

I was just curious to see if this is who we are. Discriminating against women, not giving equal opportunity to citizens because of their beliefs, or what about not being the land of opportunity that you said you were to be. Be the nation you set out to be. Don't let the government control everything and let the people speak out on what they believe in is right. Because we have fallen into this dark part of time in America, it's hard for American citizens to pursue their American dream and live out the life they never thought they could. These obstacles that you try to place in the way of the people are hurting this nation severely. Our goal should be to get back to the old America. The America that was economically stable, presented life options that other countries could not offer, and lastly the old America that offered hope. But the catch to this all is that we have go to speak it into existence. It can all start with just bringing up the conversation about how we should change things and it starts with us, the people of the United States. All I can say America, is don't settle for being average. There is too much potential for this country to be the powerhouse of the world for it to be just thrown down the drain.




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