This letter encourages others to treat others with equality and to realize that everyone is in fact, human.

Treat Others How They All Deserve.

America, you believe that you’re supreme,

But far from that you are.

Equality you preach to us,

That is your biggest flaw.

The way you try to show it off,

Is not true to the law.

I see it happen early and late,

In my town the people always hate.

When others are not the same,

They are looked at in shame.

Racists all around the globe,

Will not be denied their daily loathe

For those that they so hate.

America, you are a fool,

For not seeing that they are cruel,

And treating others like a tool

Yet we’re meant to be a team.

America, please use your brain

To make sure that we leave no stain

And every soul is equal.




Morehead Writing Project Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2019 Writing I Classes

First-year writing students at Morehead State University

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