Being an american is helping each other, being a family, and being a strong country together. What do you think is an American?

What’s it like being an ”American?” Being an American is bringing something new to a country and being a family. America is somewhere that we stick together no matter what, we don’t care if you are an immigrant, a different color, a different religion, or a different culture.Being an American is like being somewhere new everyday: different tastes, different values, and different sights.

Being an American is bringing something new to our  country,being a family, and helping each other. Americans stick together as a family. Being together means being strong. It means treating each other equally and not judging each other for their race, culture, or religion.

 In this country right now,  there’s racist comments to each other. Making those comments won’t  bring us together or make us stronger at all.  It will separate us and make our country weak. Americans should respect each other. Those comments will  take us nowhere.

People from other places come to the U.S for opportunities, and they come because they want a better life for their family. They might be immigrants, but they have the same right to be here and to be a dreamer.  They want to give everything that they can give to their family. An American is helping our country in some way.

In conclusion,when we consider not judging each other, helping each other ,and sticking up for each other; it’s clear to see that together we make a strong country. A country that all people can be proud to call home.    




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