My thoughts on being an American.

Three-hundred million people call the great nation of America their home. Those millions of people are able to carry the gift of freedom, independence, self rights, and justice by their side as not only citizens, but as brothers and sisters. Americans can do and be what they want, worship who they wish, and even express what they please.

One of the most recognized characteristics of America is giving its citizens their own rights and justice, which is something eighty percent of the world's countries cannot offer. The United States is a country that provides its residents opportunities to practice rights such as freedom of speech, voting, education, and equality for color, race, gender, and religion. For instance, during the Civil Rights Act of 1964, African Americans fought for the right to serve equality towards their race and end of segregation. Thus, African Americans have earned their justice and now can live equally among their citizens.

Along with justice and individual rights, another major factor of our country is freedom. Freedom is a quality that brings its residents great joy, and gives our nation something to forever take pride in. Countries such as North Korea, China, Iran, and Cuba for example, are considered communist. This means their leaders possess absolute power over their country, leaving citizens with little or no freedom. However, countries such as South Korea, United Kingdom, Jamaica, and Canada are democratic countries, where citizens are independent and are given the right to live in a free country.

As has been noted, the United States of America is a great home to its inhabitants. It supplies freedom, justice, individual rights, and independence. You don’t have to have constant fear looking over your shoulder, not know when your next meal will be, or be afraid of your own leader, for America will always be looking out for the people who call it home. 




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