This is what being an American means to me.

To be an American, is to take responsibility about your actions. People think to be a American is to be a citizen of America.To be an American really means to be free, to be what you want for the future ,and putting in the work necessary.

To begin with, to be an American is to to be free. To do what you want whenever you want with boundaries. Most people think that when you come to America that you will have freedom. A lot of people think that Americans have unlimited freedom.

Next, to be an American is to be what you want for the future.A lot of people come to United States because they know they have a chance to do what they want for the future.My neighbor came to the United States because he wanted to be an engineer because it’s hard for him to be a engineer from where he came from.

In the end, to be a American is to do the work that is necessary to accomplish your goals.I always work really hard to be a professional soccer player or to be a engineer.Everyone wants to be something, but they don’t put  in the work necessary.

In conclusion, to be a American is to have freedom, be what you want in the future ,and you put the work necessary.if you want to be a American you should do something that will help you in the future.




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