America is home to many people; however, some could be more passionate about their American beliefs. We the people need to work together as a team and a united country to help restore its wonders!

     How can citizens express their American creed through action?

America. It is home to many. The land of the free, and the home of the brave. America is a place where anyone can do anything! We the people govern our country! We have sent a man in a rocket through space! America! It is a wonderful place, so we need to start acting like it!

“I don't need a captains band to lead us to victory,” Hope Solo once quoted. Don't think that just because you aren't involved in politics or aren't a public figure means you can't help this country, because you absolutely can! The first thing you can do to aid this country is helping yourself by mending your attitude towards the government. You may need to even revamp your behaviors towards the environment. You might need to consider your actions as a citizen. Are you that mean neighbor with the “No Trespassing” sign on their front lawn, or the neighbor who is always getting involved in the community?

Another consideration to ponder is this country could use some more patriotism. It is a passion that starts in the hearts and minds of the citizens and is displayed through various means. Our flag is a mnemonic of our freedom and our unity as a country. Hanging up a flag is like the inspirational quote on your fridge: it inspires you to keep pushing forward. Show that you are a proud supporter of America by putting up a flag outside your house. Secondly, assist people in your community by volunteering or succoring the old lady next door to take her trash out. Have some integrity, don't just do things for show. Try benefiting your environment, for the ecosystem is part of this country; therefore, by ameliorating it you’re restoring America! You may easily encourage this country and help the area around you by getting involved within your neighborhood and community by joining a wildlife program or being a part of your town’s sport activities. You may have voted for a different political party during the election than the one that may have won, but guess what that doesn’t matter anymore! Once when someone is our president or in an official spot that's when it's time for us to remember that everyone wants what's best for this country we all just have different opinions and ideas as to what is best. We need to be supportive of our representatives and have faith that they will do what's best for this country!

People from all over the world come to America looking for freedom. The idea that this is a place full of unlimited freedom is desirable and unbelievable to some people in other countries! Encourage others to act like citizens because America is an amazing place to be! America is what I call home because here I know I am free and nothing else matters!




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