This is what it means to me to be an American:

Being an American is like being a free bird. Indeed, being an American to me means being able to be free alongside people of different race, color, and ethnicities. People sometimes underestimate how much America has to offer. People should appreciate how much freedom we have.

Martin Luther King Jr. said once, “We may have all come from different ships, but we are all in the same boat now.” He said this meaning that we all came from different places, but we all are together now and we share a country, America has so much to offer. People underestimate how much freedom we have as Americans. To be an American we all share freedoms, even though we came from different places. We don’t have to improvise to be free in America, we already are.

Also, people should appreciate how much freedom we actually have. Long ago we weren’t able to vote, only men above a certain age that owned land, had any say in who rules the country. Now, women can vote, blacks can vote, mexicans can vote. That’s called freedom, we have it, we should appreciate it. Many other countries don’t have freedom. We as Americans, should know that we share that with everyone around us and we all came from somewhere else.

As has been noted, we can’t lose sight of the freedoms we have as Americans, or else we could fall as a society. I try to not lose sight of what it means to be an American. We all have the same freedoms still knowing we are of different color. If you get a chance ask your grandparents or your parents about their parents and their grandparents. Try to get them to remember what their life was like and the freedoms we have now compared to back then.   




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