A dream from America.

Land of the free, Home of the brave. Men and Women devout to an ideology one of constant struggle to become better not for themselves but for their neighbor. There are two types of realities that people have chosen to live with, the real world and then their world. Their world is the American dream, an idea of what would be a perfect kind of America, a land where the problems are solved and taken care of in their way. Then there is the way America is, a land of compromise where ideals are changed, struggle is alleviated, and good people rise to the occasion.

Through difficult times people learn the truth in their beliefs, that truth being their own ideas and their own values. These values differ from person to person and depends on their personal truths. Those truths combine for most people and mix into the next generation. Each group of people having more different and unique views then the last with new forms of data and technology influencing people more and more in their everyday to become something different and newer each day, with those who hold the ability to think critically at the forefront of innovation and change for the better.

The world that people find themselves in can be scary. For many it is a constantly changing amalgamation of hundreds of voices, and hundreds of changes. The goal for all is to find themselves a way to be safe and secured. Those who look for the security in work, a warm bed to sleep in and enough money to have food. It can be difficult to achieve this and those who cannot, dream of those better situations.

The world that people wish for is often times different from those that they exist in. A search for a greater land, some people wish for a land that allows them to have all their wishes proven others wish for a land with a great freedom and life for all that live within it. Some are schemers some are dreamers, other somewhere in between. All dreaming of a grander situation for all people.

All people hold an American dream of sorts. This dream isn’t to find a car, or to live a long life, or to create a lasting legacy. This dream is that that all humans strive for, one not inherently bound to a single country. A dream of a better tomorrow, that all can work for today.




Gerstell Academy Leadership and Change Section 2

Senior level Leadership class, section 2/3

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