My American Creed

My American Creed and my American ideals are to use the rights promised to us to make the country a better place and to respect people regardless of their race, religion, personal background, political beliefs, etc. I believe it is important to take advantage of the unique opportunities given to us as American citizens and to understand that we are better off than many other countries. We should take pride in who we are and the diversity among us, while striving to better achieve the ideals of our country. It is crucial that we listen and learn from people that we do not always agree with- we should hear other’s points of view so that we can remain unbiased to broaden our ideas. As American people, we should advocate respectfully and responsibly when we do not agree with a decision made by our leaders. We should understand that we all are human, but we must do better. We are not the only country that struggles sometimes, but we must continue to build on our initial ideals and make them beneficial for everyone. One of the most important parts of working towards a more positive future for our country is to pay less attention to the media. They are only trying to divide us as a country and to cause conflict between us people. They are bringing us father from our American ideals, so we must strive to be unbiased and open to new ideas. Though we all come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs of what it means to be American, we should make every effort we can to build onto the foundation of our American Creed to create a better country for everyone.




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