I chose "How does your family & community history connect to your American creed?" and talked about how my parents immigrated to the US in order to give me a better life and connected it to the American Creed.

Immigrants and their benefits from the American Creed

The American Creed is the unity of people all around the world. They unite to strive in one common direction, freedom. To me, the American Creed is just a name. But for my family, it is a symbol of hope. People from all around the world are faced with challenges. For my family, the biggest challenge was immigration. People come to America to seek freedom, usually because they are not satisfied with the lifestyle and benefits that their country gives. My parents believed in the American Dream which is the concept that anyone no matter your race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. can obtain success. With some decisions comes risks. My parents took a huge risk in traveling to America because they are foreign to the language and have to adapt under difficult circumstances. They decided to follow this concept and obtain as much as they could. My parents wanted me to have a better life which is why they chose to immigrant all the way from Russia to the United States.

America gives ordinary humans the chance to reach a point of satisfaction that they wouldn’t be able to in their old country. My dad Vladi, was a successful man in Russia. He was a co-owner for a division three soccer team. He had a passion and love for the game which is why he chose this job/hobby. However, he saw more potential and opportunity in America, so he decided to make the switch. He was satisfied with how much money he was making and fortunate to have such a big role in a team. But he wanted a better life for me which is why he moved. When he moved to the United States around 20 years ago, it was difficult. He had to work from job to job in the Asbestos Removal business. After about 10 years went by, my dad stayed in touch with his friend who he co-owned the soccer team with. His friend explained his life because my dad was curious what he lost and gained when leaving to the United States. His friend talked about he has all these fancy cars, owns many businesses, and a mansion. My dad realized that he lost a lot of wealth from moving to the United States, but he understood that it wasn’t about the money but instead the freedom, and opportunity for his family. He ended up starting a business with a friend he met in America and it turned out to be pretty successful.

I grew up to be very fortunate, living in a nice house, and attending only private schools. My family wanted me to spend most of my time around good students and have a good education. At first, I didn’t value this as much as I should of but now, I appreciate and thank them for the education they have been able to give me. Overall, what I learned the most about my family and community history that connects to my American Creed is high risk equals high reward. Fortunately, this was the case for my father and his family. I cherish the stories and experiences that my family tell me every day. The American Creed has had a positive impact on my family. They have obtained freedom that they never knew they could. America is a place of unity and equality. America gives people the opportunity to grow and develop just like it did for my family.




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