When anyone looks at America, all they might see is the polarization between each person and the problems that arise. This poem artfully phrases the most important questions in order to truly dissect what it means to be American.

The sun shines onto the dark streets in town,

People rush from home to work,

Cars beep in the road,

People yelling,


How is it that we are all American?

Being an American has nothing to do

With any sort of differences,

The families we come from,

The skin on our backs,

Our religion,


What is it that makes us American?

Our community makes us American.

From the small businesses to

The corporate chains

All participating

To better our


How does that make us American?

One common goal is shared

From person to person,

Family to family,

A goal to make

Each other’s lives


Because we are American.




Gerstell Academy Leadership and Change Section 3

Senior level Leadership class responses, section 3/3

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