My opinion on words and symbols that either divide or define us as a country.

How do words, symbols, or rituals express the American creed?

There are symbols in American that show division or unity. People have different opinions on things like the confederate flag and the word equality, which often depend on your upbringing. The confederate flag is a sign of division to most, where some see it as southern pride. Equality is a hot topic in the news right now—many debates about whether America treats its citizens equally. However, the American flag can be a symbol of unity for Americans and the opportunities we have, which define us as a nation.

The Confederate flag has a different meaning depending on your viewpoints. The Confederate flag has been around since the Civil War. The flag is very controversial, though, because, for some, it represents slavery and unequal treatment, while others consider it apart of American history. The Confederate flag is extremely divisive and sparks many debates. Many people from the south believe it represents the history, not hate. In contrast, others believe it represents hate and inequality. Many of the extremist groups have adopted the flag, which adds to why people believe it represents hate. However, some people do not see the Confederate flag this way. Some see it as southern pride or apart of their family history. The Confederate flag is constantly in debate and can be a symbol of division for the American people.

The American flag defines us as a nation. The American flag represents the opportunity and the independence we have. It represents a nation that comes together to celebrate the freedom of its citizens and democracy. The American flag is a lot more than just a piece of cloth to many people. People serve our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom of its citizens. The flag represents the American people, no matter their political party, race, or gender. The flag allows us to set aside our differences and unite as one under the nation. The flag is a symbol that defines us as a nation.

Many people do not believe equality exists in America right now. Many females do not have the same opportunities as men. Many races feel like they are not treated equally. Equality can lead to an us against them mentality and divide our nation even further. Many social movements are trying to bring awareness to this topic and change the way society views equality. Many are protesting for social change and trying to bring awareness to the situation. For many years the topic was ignored, and now people are standing up and demanding change. With many feeling that they are not treated equally; equality can be a word that divides us as Americans.

Opportunity can define us as a nation. America is the land of opportunity. Most people that immigrate to America do so for the opportunities that we have. The American dream is built on opportunity and the freedom that we have in America. Opportunity has been a defining point of America for many decades. With the freedom to pursue your dreams and the ability to make your own decisions, which provide new opportunities. Our country and those immigrating to it believe with hard work; there will be opportunities for success and growth.

There are many symbols and words that either define us or divide us as a country. As a nation, we have the right and freedom to choose what we believe the symbols represent. Our country was founded on this core belief; however, Americans need to be aware that our pursuit of happiness should not come at the expense of others.




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