My American creed is influenced by my family and the communities that I consider myself to be apart of. I believe that family and community history play some sort of part in one's American creed, whether that be a big or small part.

Some American creeds are often influenced by things such as past experiences or people a person admires. To elaborate, their American creed could be influenced by athletes or celebrities. However, American creeds can also be influenced by your surroundings such as your family or your community history. You may not know it but family and your community history play some kind of part in your American creed.

My American creed is influenced by, not only, my family but also my community’s history. I believe that through hard work and also having people who support you and communicate with you will help you become as successful as you can be. My family influenced me because I see my parents and other family members work hard for what they have. Even with how successful they are as of now, they strive to become better and they show that through going back to school or applying for a higher position at work. They push me to get better and inspire me to try my hardest, especially when I see them do the same.

My American creed is also influenced by my community history. This is because a lot of the communities I consider myself to be apart of, support me or are good examples that having people there for you will also help you in the path towards success. One community I consider myself to be apart of is my grandmother’s. Her community, which is the town she grew up and still lives in, is a close knit community. Many of her neighbours communicate with one another and they also support each other. My other grandmother’s community is nearly the same way. Her neighbourhood residents are also close with each other and often help each other out when one is in need of help. My school community, also helps me out. For example, my friends support me and are there for me when I need them. They help me with homework and encourage me to do better.

However, some people might argue that family and community history play no part in one’s American creed. Their argument could be because people who are unfamiliar with their family background or their community’s history still have an American creed. People who are unfamiliar with their roots can still have a perfectly acceptable American creed and knowing your family background or community history is essential to an American creed.

One’s American creed can be influenced by a multitude of things: sports, athletes, celebrities or things they aspire to do. However, I believe that family and community history also play a part in one’s American creed. Family and community history don’t have to completely influence an American creed but I believe that they will have a place.




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