My essay is not just my American creed but also how we as a people can implement it in our daily lives.

There are over 7 billion people in the world and of those people 325 million live in the united states. As Americans we share some core beliefs such as: Justice, equality, and freedom. Even with our similar beliefs there are things we don’t agree on such as: politics, religion, or culture. Because of this we are not always united and this causes tension. My American creed is the freedom to be and the right to be respected for who we are but to reach this goal we must be united.

We as a people learn in a variety of different ways but still we can agree on many things in our future. In the article, “How to fix the American democracy”, the writer states, “ Nearly two centuries later, all of us — Republican, Democrat, Trump supporter, Trump critic — should be able to agree that some future-pondering about the state of our democracy is in order.” They believe that the only way to fix our government is to unite and I agree with this fact. We need to focus on the beliefs we share so that we are able to turn our beliefs into actions. And do do this we first need to focus on ourselves.

I want to help create a better future for everyone. Focusing on my beliefs I can achieve this goal. In an article named, “Americans shared beliefs”, the author stated, “[These are beliefs Americans share,] community and empathy, opportunity and drive, diversity, freedom and fundamental rights, A responsibility to engage, faith in the nation and the fear for the future.” If we focused on one of these beliefs we could make our community a lot better. We can do better if were able to come together and create a better space for our people.

In our community we must have the drive to be better. With our actions we can help engage everyone by starting with the simple things in life. By starting out small it makes it easier to work at so people don’t think it’s not attainable. Some little things you can do in your community is come together, whenever there is a problem try to engage everyone to resolve the problem. If you have differences instead of attacking each other you can find some common ground and focus on that till your able to see both sides of the argument.




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