My Oped is about what my American creed is and what it means to be an American.

In my opinion to be an American means to accept each other’s individualism and embrace others differences. America is a diverse and accepting country that stresses the importance and worth of each person. Over the decades, America has been more welcoming and accepting towards diversity.

It is important to accept diversity and not put any limitations on those who are considered different. Putting limitation on people is bad and unfair. We shouldn’t discriminate against those of different age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation etc. Discrimination can cause segregation, hatred, and altercations. Bassi Doumbia attended an all white school. He was one of the only colored kids who attended the school, one day Bassi was on the basketball court playing basketball when a group of white students threw banana peels at him and called him the n-word. Bassi told a teacher about the incident but the white students didn’t receive any punishment. The only reason why the white kids didn’t receive a punishment is because most of the students had great academic records and were thought of as “kind students”. Bassi’s story describes what his school environment is like and essentially what discrimination looks like. Since the incident there have been steps taken to eliminate racism. For example now students make an effort to to get to know people different than themselves and are not afraid to explore the unfamiliar because this first hand experience can be educational.High school clubs and organizations is a good way of learning culture, social-dynamics and self interests. Through social media I want to be able to express my american creed. I’ve noticed social media can be used to relate or persuade others to having their own opinion or own american creed. Encouraging others to have their own American creed is valued because it’s their country and to know what it means to be an American is distinguished.

ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 3rd hour

Mrs. McDowell's 3rd hour

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