It's hard coming into the U.S with no one to depend on. You face a lot of struggles when you have no one to depend on. Being a single mother is very hard when you're alone.

  It is hard for immigrants that come to America for a better life. They face many struggles like not knowing any English, leaving their families behind, and not knowing any one. A lot of people face these struggles and it’s not fair to them nor anyone.

If you don’t know English it’s very hard to find a job. Everyone in America speaks English and it’s a requirement to know English in most every job. You’re very lucky if you find a good job if you don’t speak English. When people come to America immigrants usually work on construction or work in farms. It is very dangerous because you could fall or hurt yourself. They should be able to work wherever they want, they shouldn’t feel the need to come to another place in order to have a “better life”.

A lot of people have to leave their families to have a “better life”. It’s usually the men that come and work in the U.S, but it can also be women. My mom had to leave her family to have a “better life”. She came into the U.S without knowing anyone. She did it all for me, so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting deported, not having any struggles. It was hard for her because she had no family to support her. She had me here in the U.S it was hard having a baby because she never had anywhere to leave me until she found a babysitter for me.

Going to a new place without knowing anyone is very hard. You have no one to help you out nor someone to count on. Not everyone has it easy. My mom always to me “don’t depend on anyone but yourself”. I never understood why she told me that until now.

Everyone should be grateful for where they are now because other people have it rough.




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