This piece is about my American creed or what it should be at least. I go into detail explaining the consequence that may occur if change isn't made to satisfy my creed.

My American creed is the belief that everyone deserves equal rights and freedom no matter the race. Freedom is something that America continually preaches, but doesn’t ever try to implement this into everyone's life. We must learn to treat everyone equal and give them the rights that everyone deserves. This lack of equality is the reason for all of the police shootings around the country. There is no coincidence for most of the innocent shootings being black people. America is very misleading when it comes to racism. On the outside looking in it sounds like the absolute greatest place on earth, but that really isn’t the case. Literally only “3 percent of people believe that America is not racist”. This is an astonishing number. This shows that almost all of the country can agree that racism is still very much well and alive in this country today, therefore the reason for my American creed.

Equal rights is something that we have been preaching about for the longest of times. Although this has been a nationally problem for decades it has never really been addressed to the extreme point like it should. It has even evolved into now women asking for equal rights. Equal rights is something that we should have been practicing long ago and perfecting. Again this is very misleading to outsiders looking to enter America and start a new life. They would entire into a country where they won’t truly have the same opportunity as someone who have lived here their entire life. This would outrage anyone including yourself. Imagine you being told one thing, but it’s actually another. I’m sure that anyone can relate, but just not on that scale. People shouldn’t be baited into a life or death situation like that to come and just be even worse. There are reports of immigrants saying “I do not see any great wealth in store for me here unless I were to live as an animal”. This means that an immigrant who migrated to our “great nation” claims that only animals would benefit from coming to our land. To me this isn’t a great look on our so called “superior” land. This is why I believe that the American creed should be equality and freedom.




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